Psychic Entertainment for Fun and Profit

A Masterclass with Richard Webster

11-12 October, 2019

Berlin, Germany

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Dear friend,

If you want to turn your psychic entertainment hobby into a career or take your existing business to the next level, then this masterclass will show you how.

Here’s the deal:

It has been said that Richard Webster has probably prompted more people to careers as psychic entertainers and readers than anyone else.

He himself has turned his own passion for psychic entertainment, psychic readings and new age into a very successful career that he is still enjoying after many decades.

So, after last year’s inspiring psychic entertainment seminar in Berlin, Richard sat down and created a whole new masterclass…

“Psychic Entertainment for Fun and Profit”

It teaches you how to become the most successful reader or psychic entertainer in your area, even if you’re just starting out. You could even take this knowledge to launch a successful coaching career (minus the “tricks”), if you choose to.

Richard knows what it takes to not just survive, but to thrive, in this business. His 40+ books for mentalists and his 70+ books for the general public are proof of his profound knowledge and real-life experience.

And best of all… Richard is a great teacher!

You will leave this masterclass inspired, full of ideas, with a bag-full of new mentalism routines that you will love performing, a complete reading system, and proven methods to make a good living in this exciting field.

Richard will teach new psychic entertainment routines that are very strong, engaging and convincing.

He will also teach his complete Palmistry system. AND THEN, he will show you how to create your own unique reading system.

Furthermore, you will learn even more advanced methods for reading people (that have nothing to do with A-Z).

Richard is a very prolific writer who can produce 4 full-length books on almost any topic, per year.

This by itself is a very lucrative skill to acquire, no matter which market you’re in.

Richard will explain his methods for writing and publishing books.

Aside from that, he will teach 44 ways to make money as a psychic reader or entertainer.

Imagine what this knowledge can do for your career!

Oh, there is more…

Richard condensed the content of this workshop in a new book with more than 100 pages. And he will give this book for free to all participants (in hard-copy).

That’s right!

His goal with this masterclass really is to help you succeed.

To help you decide if it’s a good fit, here is the full agenda…

DAY ONE, Friday, 11th October

Part I: Psychic Entertainment Effects

    A spectator has a free choice of a number of envelopes, each containing an action, or series of actions, the mentalist has to perform. Apparently using contact mindreading, the mentalist successfully completes the tasks.
    The mentalist gazes into the eyes of a spectator and successfully determines what place in the world he or she would like to visit.
    Eight spectators come on stage, and one is chosen to be guilty of a particular crime. The mentalist uses a dowsing rod to successfully locate the guilty person.
    A spectator successfully determines which hand the mentalist is holding a coin in. She is then shown a selection of sealed envelopes. She uses her psychic abilities to eliminate all the envelopes except for one. The eliminated envelopes contain messages, such as “Eliminate me” and “Not this one”. However, the freely selected envelope contains a five or ten dollar note (or voucher for a pitch book), demonstrating her undoubted psychic ability.
    The mentalist hands a prediction of his favourite animal in the zoo to someone in the audience. He holds up five numbered envelopes, each containing a picture of a different animal. These are eliminated one at a time by members of the audience until one is left. The final envelope and the prediction are opened, and both contain a picture of the same animal.
    A pendulum is suspended inside a glass. A spectator is handed a deck of cards and names any card. The pendulum taps the side of the glass the correct number of times to indicate the position of the named card in the deck.

Part II: Psychic Readings

    Richard is well-known for his palm reading skills. Last year, every participant wanted his palm read by Richard. This year, Richard is teaching his complete system, so that you can amaze people with this fascinating skill as well.
    These are advanced techniques to apply to your psychic readings. You will learn how to use observation to your advantage, how to interpret and use your clients’ body language and personality types.
    Once you have some experience in giving readings, you might want to offer longer readings. Richard will show you how to lengthen readings with ease and confidence by making use of validation, reframing difficult experiences, additional modalities, forgiveness, how to use a pendulum to eliminate negativity and attract positivity, pendulum and a battery, and the labyrinth technique.
    Since Psychic Readings and Life Coaching are similar in many aspects, Richard shows you reading and question techniques that can be applied to both scenarios.

DAY TWO, Saturday, 12th October

Part I: Business

  • MONEY:
    Richard will start this day with showing you 44 ways to make money as a psychic/psychic entertainer in both small and large markets. These are proven money-making strategies that Richard used successfully during his career, updated for today’s market environment.
    Why you need a pitch book. How to research and write them. 25 ways to sell them.
    How to choose a suitable topic. How to create an instant outline. Decide if you’re going to use a regular publisher or self-publish (advantages and disadvantages of both). How to find a publisher. How to write the book. What to do next.

Part II: An Afternoon with Richard Webster

This afternoon session provides plenty opportunity to ask Richard all the questions you want, to discuss topics in more detail and to practice what you learned with instant feedback from Richard. Make the most of it!

To sum up:

Psychic Entertainment for Fun and Profit: A Masterclass with Richard Webster is YOUR CHANCE to spend two days with one of the most renowned and respected figures in the field of psychic entertainment and to benefit from his innovative concepts and lifelong experience.

Richard knows, from decades „in the trenches“, what works and what doesn’t. His techniques are powerful, time-tested and practical. A seminar with Richard Webster is a must for every psychic entertainer who takes his art seriously!

This is a rare opportunity, which is limited to only 20 participants. First come, first served.

To be honest, I asked Richard to increase the participation fee. In my opinion, this is worth easily €500 or more. But Richard deliberately decided to keep it at the same price as last year’s Berlin seminar.

So, before Richard changes his mind and agrees to a price increase, click on the following PayPal button and grab your seat at the table, while they are still available. For only €290.

Registration is closed.

This includes a special 100+ pages book, and – for a limited time – a discount on all of Richards books for the trade!

Secure your place in this masterclass, today!

Remember, there’s only a limited number of places available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

However, if for some reason you happened to change your mind (but why would you?), you could still cancel your order until 20th September 2019.

Make sure to join us on this exciting journey!

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The address of the seminar location will be disclosed after successful registration and payment. We want to keep this event special and exclusive.

(Fear not, there are plenty of hotels and other accommodation options in the area. We recommend to book early, though.)