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A Masterclass in Psychic Entertainment

5-6 October, 2018

Berlin, Germany

If you’re not a complete newcomer to mentalism and psychic entertainment, New Zealand’s Richard Webster certainly doesn’t need an introduction. For more than three decades, Richard has been one of the most, if not THE most influential psychic entertainer, and a pre-eminent authority in this field.

Not only was Richard instrumental in popularizing the concept of readings for magicians and mentalists in the first place, he was also one of the driving forces behind updating the art of cold reading to today’s discerning standards. It has been said – and rightfully so – that Richard has probably prompted more people to successful careers as psychic entertainers and readers than anyone else. Chances are that you’re one of them – or will be!

Apart from his more than thirty books for the trade, including such money-making topics as psychic parties, ladies’ nights and pitch books, Richard is one of the most prolific and respected authors in the field of New Age publishing. He has authored more than forty books for the general public, ranging from numerology to palmistry and guardian angels, and even to psychic pets! Literally millions of copies of his books have been sold. Former PEA president Doug Dyment called him „the single most successful author in the history of psychic entertainment“.

And yet, Richard is one of the kindest and most approachable human beings you will ever meet. If there ever was a teacher who is truly interested in the progress of his students, it’s him.

So it is with great pride that we announce the

Richard Webster Berlin Seminar: A Masterclass in Psychic Entertainment

It will take place on Friday, 5th October and Saturday, 6th October 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

Richard Webster will be there to share not only his ground-breaking techniques but also his most recent thoughts and ideas with regard to psychic entertainment. So, if you’re lucky enough to live in Europe, this is your chance to spend two full days with Richard Webster and learn from the master himself!

Whether you live in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, Hungary or, for that matter, any other European country, your next step in becoming an even more polished performer is only a short flight away.

Whether you’re a professional, a semi-professional or a serious hobbyist, you can’t help but take away exciting ideas and stimulating information from this seminar.

Here’s what Richard is going to discuss in-depth during the seminar:


DAY ONE, Friday, 5th October

Part I: Psychic Effects

There are magic tricks and there are mentalism effects. What Richard Webster will teach you in this section of the seminar belongs to a different category: psychic effects. These aren’t mere tricks. These are valuable techniques to convince your audiences that you have special powers at your command – often without reverting to any trickery at all.

That’s right! Many of the effects Richard is going to demonstrate at the Berlin Seminar are as close as it gets to the „real thing“. Imagine yourself showing veritable miracles without having to be afraid of disclosure or „magician’s guilt“! And even those effects which, let’s say, bend reality a bit in your favour, will generally pass as genuine, authentic tests of psychic intuition.

Better still, most of these routines can be shown without special props or difficult preparation. Some of them don’t even need any props at all (apart from your spectator’s mind), so you’ll always be prepared to show a miracle. And all of them depend on clever routining rather than difficult methods or finger flinging!

Here’s a partial list of those effects …

  • Even Deeper into the Tarot: The mentalist gives a brief tarot reading and predicts the helper’s lucky card.
  • The Holy Grail: A fascinating story of wisdom and betrayal where the cards of the major arcana become the vehicle of the narrative.
  • Destined for Success: A ritual is performed with four cards representing love, wealth, career and family. The spectator ends up with the card that represents his secret desire.
  • Pendulum Sex Detector: A highly entertaining demonstration of the amazing properties of the pendulum – and the performer’s psychic abilities.
  • Reincarnation Card: The helper learns of her past life and her lucky card. A signature piece of Richard’s.
  • Intuitive Flash: Apparently by psychometry, the mentalist discovers a chosen card in a very clean and convincing way.
  • Psychometry from A to Z: Richard explains his famous psychometry act which gets rid of the „pseudo“ in Annemann’s Pseudo Psychometry .

Last but not least, Richard is going to give you powerful advice on how to utilize these routines in lucrative venues like psychic home parties and psychic development classes.


Part II: Cold Reading Techniques for the 21st Century

Richard Webster is a master cold reader. But when he refers to the term „cold reading“, it’s not the hackneyed phrase magicians turned it into. Cold reading as Richard practices it doesn’t mean that you rattle off stock lines in order to deceive gullible people. It means that you will be able to give meaningful, helpful readings to discerning people you have never met before – thus „cold“ – and impress them with the accuracy and depth of your insight into their character and troubles.

But Richard not only teaches you how to deliver tailor-made readings that will impress your clients, he also explains how to get out of critical situations. Moreover, he stresses the ethics of cold reading and makes it clear that readings, rightfully done, are anything but a scam. He shows how a responsible reader can do his clients – and his community – a real service.

Among other things, Richard will show you how to …

  • find out the area of your client’s concern
  • empower your clients to solve problems on their own
  • increase your income by giving free (!) talks
  • offer your skills to the lucrative corporate market

He also explains how to apply cold reading to the presentation of magic routines and mentalism effects, which can immediately and dramatically raise the level of appreciation your audience is willing to give you.


Part III: Super Practice Session

By this time of the first seminar day, your head is probably brimming with exciting impressions and creative ideas. Now it’s time to sit down with the master and have a super practice session! Be it the handling of a certain psychic effect or the clever wording of a cold reading technique, Richard will guide you calmly and helpfully through the learning process and discuss all the questions you and other participants might have. He will share with you all the fine points that turn easy-to-do effects into impressive miracles and a simple reading into a profound revelation.

This won’t be one of the seminars where you return home with a foggy mind! There will be ample opportunity to digest and try out everything you’ve seen and heard so far, so you’ll be able to utilize these innovative ideas in the briefest possible time.


DAY TWO, Saturday, 6th October

Part IV: Entertaining Mentalism

The second day of the seminar kicks off with a masterclass in presentation. Richard Webster strongly believes that entertainment should form an integral part of mentalism. His own style bears witness to that, as all of his presentations are charming and fun to watch. In this part of the seminar, Richard demonstrates how humor can add to the impact of your act even if you market yourself as „the real thing“.

He also shows how to revive classic mentalism effects. Whether he dusts off an almost forgotten method and makes it workable under today’s performing situations, or finds a whole new angle of presentation, Richard breathes new life into many classics. Believe it or not, even the venerable 21-Card trick becomes a vehicle for a mini-drama full of mystery, suspense and audience participation, making it an amazingly effective performance piece in informal situations. Yes, Richard employs playing cards. But so have Dunninger and Kreskin.

Richard is also an expert in using mnemonics in mentalism and will show you how to add this useful tool to your arsenal in a variety of ways, including the memorization of the enquirers in a Q & A act – something every working performer will cherish immediately.

Here are some of the high points …

  • Danson’s Diary Revisited: This is Richard’s take on the classic diary effect as popularised by Ken de Courcey and Bob Cassidy. Richard’s version is not only clean and easy to do, but has a finish that makes the final card revelation truly meaningful to the participant.
  • You are Psychic: The aforementioned version of the 21-Card effect in which a spectator demonstrates her psychic abilities. The powerful presentation veils the simple method perfectly.
  • Card Magnet: A volunteer finds the mate to the performer’s card. Yet another powerful effect that makes the spectator the hero.
  • Joke Playing Card Memory Effect: An impressive memory demonstration with a hilarious twist.
  • Any Card at Any Number: ACAAN the Webster way – easy, entertaining and direct. If you’ve ever considererd adding this effect to your repertoire, this is the perfect version to use.
  • ESPecially for You: An ESP card effect that is easy to do but plays big as three spectators are involved. A room full of entertainment with nothing but a few symbol cards.


Part V: An Afternoon with Richard Webster

After all the hard work, it’s time to relax, grab a cup of coffee and have a chat. This is your chance to personally get to know the man who has been – and continues to be – such an important force in the business and art of psychic entertainment. Moreover, you can ask him all the questions you ever wanted to!

As you well know, it’s exactly this kind of casual get-together that often elicits priceless treasures of information that otherwise would have been unearthed. And with Richards willingness to help you to become the best performer and reader you can be, chances are, you will take home precious information that you will treasure long after the seminar has finished.


To sum up:

The Richard Webster Berlin Seminar: A Masterclass in Psychic Entertainment is YOUR CHANCE to spend two days with one of the most renowned and respected figures in the field of psychic entertainment and to benefit from his innovative concepts and lifelong experience.

Let’s make this absolutely clear: Here’s not just another guy who claims to be the next mentalism guru without ever having performed in front of a paying, real-world-audience. Richard knows, from decades „in the trenches“, what works and what doesn’t. His techniques are powerful, time-tested and practical. A seminar with Richard Webster is a must for every psychic entertainer who takes his art seriously!

No matter in which part of Europe you live, there can’t be the slightest doubt that this seminar is more than worth a few hours of flight to Berlin. The event takes place in the parlour of an elegant hotel in the western city centre and is easy to reach with public transportation. You’ll love the stylish surroundings!

Imagine how this Masterclass will improve you as a mystery performer or psychic reader! Richard will share all the tips and subtle nuances that have made him one of the financially most successful exponents of our art. For professionals who make a living by performing for sophisticated audiences, such personal counselling is priceless. Serious pros would regard a consultation with Richard as an investment that makes their acts and performances more enjoyable and more lucrative. They would readily pay hundreds of Euro for just one hour of personal instruction.

Now, this is not one-on-one-instruction, but with a limited number of participants it comes very close. Yes, that’s right. There are only 15 places in this seminar, and they’re sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

So how much should a two-day-, twelve-hour seminar with a strictly limited number of 15 participants cost? €800? €1.000?

Not even close. Thanks to Richards generosity and the kind cooperation of Stolina Magie, you will get this opportunity

for unbelievable €246,50!

(The regular price is €290.)

This includes special lecture notes, an ebook and – for a limited time – a discount on all of Richards books for the trade!

Even if you put into practice only one of the insider techniques Richard is going to share with you, you might soon find yourself being in higher demand than ever before.

So, if you book until 30 September 2018, you will not only secure one of the precious few seminar places but save 15% compared to the regular price and pay

ONLY €246,50
including all the bonuses!

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Make sure to join us on this exciting journey!

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