The organizers

This seminar is organized by Steffen Frey and John Reeves.

Both of them are dedicated enthusiasts of the mentalism and psychic entertainment arts.

Steffen Frey is the pseudonym of a professional writer and psychic reader.

John organized the two highly-regarded Neal Scryer workshops in Berlin, in 2015 and 2016.

That is where Steffen and John met for the first time, and became close friends ever since.

When Steffen heard that Richard Webster would have a stopover in Frankfurt, Germany, in October 2018, he asked him whether he would consider to give an exclusive seminar for a limited number of participants in Berlin. He also asked John whether he was willing to help organize a Richard Webster seminar in Berlin to take place while Richard is in Germany.

While John promised his wife that he will not organize another workshop, he simply could not resist.

You can only imagine the joy they experienced when Richard Webster said YES!

So there you have it.

Two psychic entertainment enthusiasts plan this event and will make sure that your time with Richard Webster – the grandmaster of psychic entertainment – will be truly amazing and unforgettable!